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Accelerate Your Marketing Efforts

SaTT introduce a new concept: Farm your social networks and get paid from Ad Pools


One SaTT wallet, Limitless support

  • • Deposit, secure, and manage tokens with ease
  • • Transfer verified payments to and from your account
  • • Connect smoothly with SaTT dApp (decentralized app)
  • • Interface harmoniously with Bitcoin, ERC20, and BEP20
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Create Ad Pools to promote your brand

  • • Near-zero transaction fees
  • • Custom automated payments
  • • Data-driven statistics
  • • Absolutely 0 middleman
  • • YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook support
Create Ad Pool

Farm your social networks

  • • Monetize your social media account
  • • Removes fraud through blockchain
  • • Real-time payments
  • • Performance-based payments
  • • Guaranteed campaign funding
  • • Smart Contracts powered
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Ad Pool: Reward influencers to promote your brand

Are you ready to boost your sales, drive greater revenue, and surpass your marketing objectives? If so, get started with SaTT today.

Try our new Ad Pool concept, where multiple influencers can participate in the same campaign and try to collect as much budget as they can.

With SaTT Smart Contract, you’ll only pay for results. In turn, you can launch targeted ad campaigns while working with creators and partners who understand your objectives.

With data-driven performance reports, automated campaign options, and absolutely 0 middleman, SaTT empowers organizations to increase their exposure and results.

Post Farming: Fairer, faster, and more secure way to monetize your social media account

SaTT allows you to Farm your social media posts by regenerating money from them.

It creates a unique opportunity for content creators and digital marketers, accelerating their earning potential while increasing their exposure.

By using blockchain, transactions are automated to ensure a faster and more transparent payment process. Every step of the way, creators are paid based on their results, achieving specific criteria and KPIs that define campaign success.

If you’re interested in working on relevant, fully-funded advertising campaigns, get started with SaTT today.

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    SEPTEMBER 24th

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  • SaTT is an ERC20 utility token built on Ethereum.
    SaTT BEP20 is also available on Binance Smart Chain.

    ERC20 SaTT Contract:

    BEP20 SaTT Contract:

    This is the main payment method for using the services of the SaTT ecosystem, whether for advertising campaigns, transactions or purchases.
    The SaTT is a digital currency that allows transactions to be carried out securely, quickly, cheaply and automatically.

  • No, the tokens do not confer any right or any property on the company ATAYEN, Inc.

    The token allows to use the advertising services made available by the company ATAYEN, Inc and to exchange exclusive products and services.

  • Ethereum is a state-of-the-art innovation that brings the best experience without compromising users' security and privacy.

    Optimistic Rollups and zk Rollups by Polygon in compatibility with Ethereum will bring technological advances that will greatly reduce the transaction costs used by our smart contracts, pending the release of Ethereum 2.0.

    In short, Ethereum technology will provide fast, secure, transparent and easy payment services. With the help of the blockchain, all payments made by the Ethereum wallet are highly verifiable and immune to fraud and manipulation.

    Today, it is one of the most developed smart-contract platforms.

    While waiting for these technological advances, we have developed a BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain that allows us to provide a functional service at a lower cost, secure, but with limited decentralization. Our final solution aims to use the Ethereum network which remains the most advanced solution.

  • Buy SaTT ERC20 on Probit, HitBTC, Bitcoin.com, Digifinex,.

    Buy SaTT BEP20 on Pancakeswap - Pancakeswap tutorial

    Bridge SATT BEP20 ↔ SATT ERC20 : 0x655371C0622cACc22732E872a68034f38E04d6e5
    Buy Wrapped SaTT ERC20 (WSATT) on Uniswap - Uniswap tutorial

    WSATT contract : 0x70A6395650b47D94A77dE4cFEDF9629f6922e645

  • From SaTT platform

    Here are the video tutorials for using our ERC20 ↔️ BEP20 bridge

    Tutorial ERC20 to BEP20
    Tutorial BEP20 to ERC20

    From MetaMask

    Tutorial ERC20 to BEP20
    Tutorial BEP20 to ERC20

    From Trust Wallet

    Tutorial ERC20 to BEP20
    Tutorial BEP20 to ERC20

    Unique address of the ERC20 bridge ↔️ BEP20:
    Any other address is a SCAM! Report it to us!


    • The bridge will convert your SaTT directly and transfer them to your wallet address, do not enter any other address!
    • You have no obligation to convert your SaTT ERC20 to SaTT BEP20
    1. Login on your dashboard SaTT.
    2. Click on your profile picture
    3. Click on 'Legal-KYC'
    4. Upload an ID card with information that corresponds with the details you submitted during registration and click on 'submit'.
    5. Upload a proof of residence and click on 'submit'
    6. And it’s done ! You now just need to wait between 2 to 5 days to get feedback from the team. If all the documents have been sent correctly, the KYC will be validated. If a document is missing, or if a document is not relevant or not visible, you will receive a message with instructions on how to complete the process.
  • You can already purchase our suite of applications and our emailing service on Iframe Apps website. Thereafter, you can pay for advertising services as well as the services and products of our partners.

  • You can store your SaTT on our SaTT wallet (satt.atayen.us), on any Ethereum & Binance Smart Chain wallet type metamask or on a Ledger.

  • We love to chat with our community, do not hesitate to contact us

  • Login Password: You can retrieve your wallet password by clicking on 'forgot password'.

    Blockchain Password: In order to ensure maximum security, the wallet security password requested for each transaction cannot be retrieved by anyone, not even the SaTT team.

  • Email contact@satt-token.com with your account information (Facebook email).

  • Using the blockchain technology, the SaTT network has optimized the online advertising system. Because it’s decentralised, it eliminates the need for a third party between advertisers and publishers. SaTT helps reducing costs for advertisers, increasing the efficiency of an advertising campaign and reducing any campaign manipulation.

    The key advantage of hosting an ad campaign on a decentralized network like SaTT is that if the server experiences a failure or a malicious attack, the entire system will not be affected, unlike a centralized ad system. This ensures that the advertising campaign continues to function despite a momentary problem on part of the network.

    1. Log in to your SaTT wallet, you will need to have SaTT tokens in your account and some Ethereum or Binance Coin depending on the network you want to use.
    2. Navigate to the side panel, click on 'Advertiser space'.
    3. Click on 'Create a new campaign'.
    4. Fill in all the mandatory fields in the first window as indicated, then go to the bottom of the page to click on the 'Next step' button.
    5. Define your budget on the second window, at the bottom of the page, click on the 'Next step' button.
    6. On the third window, add one or more campaign kits that you want to share then click on 'Next step' again.
    7. Click on 'Save' to leave your campaign in draft, or 'Launch the campaign' to put it online.

    After successfully launching your campaign, you can track the progress and performance of all your campaigns in the dashboard. This will help you to know how each of your campaigns has performed over a certain time period.

  • If you have a specific audience and want to earn additional SaTT tokens, you can participate in advertising campaigns yourself using our platform. SaTT tokens will be automatically sent to your wallet after your promotion. At the moment you can participate in the YouTube campaign, soon Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter will be available.

    Blockchain Password: In order to ensure maximum security, the wallet security password requested for each transaction cannot be retrieved by anyone, not even the SaTT team.

    1. Log in to your wallet, you will need to have some Ethereum or Binance Coin depending on the network you want to use.
    2. Navigate on the side panel, click on 'Advertiser space'.
      On the publisher dashboard, you can see the total amount you have received from campaigns, the number of your participation that has been accepted and declined, and the number of campaigns you currently have in progress.
    3. Select a campaign by clicking on 'Learn more', here you will find the description and conditions for participating in the campaign provided by the advertiser. Finally, click on 'Apply' to participate, submit your link then validate.

    The above steps are the way to participate in an advertising campaign on the SaTT platform. Perform all the instructions on a given campaign and your SaTT wallet will be credited with the correct amount of SaTT token after verifying your participation.

  • We are not empowered to give financial advice or make any type of projections about the future value of SaTT. Help us send the SaTT "to the moon" by offering ideas and sharing our social networks. If you are in a hurry, you can try to send the SaTT by yourself to the moon by playing our game "When Moon" on Android and IOS.


Blog article illustration 17 Aug

SaTT Weekly Update: Week # 33

French Article: https://satt-token.com/blog/fr/2021/08/17/satt-weekly-update-week-33-2/ For several weeks, we have been testing the campaigns on our testnet version with each update. As a reminder, w...

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