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200,000,000 SaTT
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650,000,000 SaTT

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$ 420,000

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Why SaTT ?

Digital advertising needs blockchain


Top advertising problems :

  • High Fee
  • Centralized Governance
  • Delayed payments
  • Lack of transparency

SaTT dApp solutions :

  • Lowest Cost
  • Instant payment
  • Decentralized Governance
  • Relevant Statistics


20 000 000 000 of SaTT issued on Hardcap

SaTT decimals 18
token value $ 0.0042
hardcap crowdsale $ 28 560 000
mincap crowdsale $ 3 360 000
protocol ERC20 ERC223
payment $/btc/eth
Contract 0xDf49C9f599A0A9049D97CFF34D0C30E468987389 0xDf...

How Campaigns Work?

The SaTT smart contract will improve the relationship between advertisers and content creators, thereby providing trust and efficiency.

drawing that explain how campaigns work drawing that explain how campaigns work - mobile

Everybody wins using
the SaTT coin and dAPP


For Advertisers

  • Very low fees
  • International publishers
  • No middleman
  • Relevant statistics
  • Automatic payment

For Publishers

  • Surety of payment
  • No cheating
  • Instant payment
  • Easy Token Exchange
  • Relevant statistics

already works With

Advertise your brand or get paid for your Youtube Channel

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  • validate
    april 2018

    Pre ICO Launch

    Completed in less than 24H
  • validate
    may 2018

    >Crowdsale debut

    >SaTT Wallet Launch ERC20/ ERC223

    Completed & LIVE
  • validate
    June 2018

    >Atayen, Inc applications payable in SaTT

    >Emailing Invoiced in SaTT

    Completed & LIVE
  • validate
    July 2018

    >Store compatible for clients

    >Pay by SaTT API

    Completed & LIVE
  • validate
    september 2018

    1st version SDK : SaTT Connect v0.9

    Completed & LIVE
  • validate
    october 2018

    >Unity ICO game «When Moon ?»

    >«3xchange» system completed

    Completed & LIVE
  • validate
    december 2018

    SaTT Connect v1.0 : ORACLES

    (Google Analytics, Instagram analytics, Youtube)

  • validate
    Q.1 2019

    >Release of Youtube, Facebook & Instagram oracles

    >Beta version Smartcontract

  • validate
    Q.2 2019

    >Wallet IHave Android

    >SmartContact V1.0

    >SaTT dApp live

    >First 10 Youtube ad campaign complete

  • validate
    Q.3 2019

    > Advanced Trading mode activated

    >When Moon V2

  • validate
    Q.1 2020

    >Wallet IHave iOs

    >Launch of campaign editor v1.0

    >Listing on 5 main exchanges

    In development
  • validate
    Q.2 2020

    >Oracles developer program

    >Advertising offer directory v0.9

    >Influencers directory v1.0 ""

    In development
  • validate
    Q.3 2020

    Let's conquer the advertising market...

What you can already do with SaTT!

when moon
iframe apps
satt wallet

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Frequently asked questions

SaTT is an ERC20 tokens build on Ethereum.
This is the main payment method for using the services of the SaTT ecosystem, whether for advertising campaigns, monetary transactions or purchases.
The SaTT token is a digital currency that allows transactions to be carried out securely, quickly, cheaply and automatically.
The major interest of SaTT is the use of Smart Contract dialoguing with third-party APIs to quantify the performance of a advertising campaign and evaluate the amount of the transaction.
Payments are immediate once the success criteria are met. Payments are not subject to transfer fees or currency conversion fees, and billing data is tamper-proof.
Check out our article on the subject here
Ethereum is a state-of-the-art innovation that brings the best experience without compromising users’ security and privacy.
Besides, compared to the outrageous fees charged by banks,the fees for a transaction are really small. For example, 7000ETH worth over $1.8m was transacted for a small fee of $0.29.
In short, Ethereum technology delivers fast, secure, transparent and easy payment services. With the aid of blockchain, all payments made by Ethereum wallet is highly verifiable and immune to fraudulent acts and manipulations.
A party to a transaction cannot deny receiving payment after the settlement has been properly executed. This feat is possible because every transaction is verifiable and recorded in tamperproof, immutable blockchain technology.
And today, it is one of the most developed smart-contract platforms.
  1. Sign up with any of the 3 options given; Facebook, Google, Telegram
  2. Create a wallet security password of at least 8 characters.
    Remember well your password, it cannot be retrieved.
  3. Check all the boxes if you agree with the terms given and confirm.
  4. In your wallet, enter the amount of SaTT token you want to buy
  5. Choose your preferred payment method; BTC, ETH, Card Payment, Or Bank Transfer
  6. After confirmation, the corresponding amount of SaTT token will automatically be sent to your SaTT wallet.
Check out our articleon the subject here for a better understanding. ( pictures inside )
  1. Login on your dashboard SaTT
  2. Click on your profil picture
  3. Click on "Legal-KYC"
  4. Upload an ID card with information that corresponds with the details you submitted during registration and click on "submit"
  5. Upload a proof of residence and click on "submit"
  6. And it’s done !
You now just need to wait between 2 to 5 days to get feedback from the team.
If all the documents have been sent correctly, the KYC will be validated. If a document is missing, or if a document is not relevant or not visible, you will receive a message with instructions on how to complete the process.
The SaTT Token can already be used to purchase the App Suite, e-mailing service of ATAYEN as well as to buy items in SaTT’s facebook store or to carry out communication campaigns on social networks such as Youtube. More social media platforms to come really soon, such as Twitter, Linkedin & Instagram.
Please note that the SATT team will announce the date of the exchange listing the 17th of March.
The SATT team will announce the date of the exchange listing the 17th of March
We love to chat with our community, do not hesitate to contact us!
Facebook page :
E-mail :
You can retrieve your wallet password by clicking on "Forgotten password".
Please note that in order to ensure maximum security, the wallet security password requested to confirm each transaction cannot be retrieved by anyone, not even the SaTT team.
With the aid of blockchain, the SaTT network has risen to the occasion of lifting the barrier that a centralized advertising system has placed on advertisers and publishers. By eliminating the need for a 3rd party, SaTT will cut down costs for advertisers, increase the efficiency of the advertising campaign and reduce the likelihood of a campaign been manipulated.
One key advantage of hosting an advertising campaign on a decentralized network like SaTT is that, should the server suffer a momentarily failure or hack, the whole system will not be affected unlike in a centralized advertising network. This ensures that a campaign keeps running despite a temporal failure in one part of the network.
  1. Login to your SaTT Wallet ( you need to have SaTT tokens on your account )
  2. Next, navigate to the left pane, click “Campaigns” and head to the “Advertiser” session.
    The window below should become visible
  3. Then head to “Create a new campaign”
  4. Complete all required fields in the fields in the 1/2 window as shown below, then scroll down and hit the “Next” button
  5. Also, complete all required fields in the 2/2 window, then scroll down to “Launch the campaign”
After successfully launching your campaign, you can track the progress and performance of all your campaigns within your dashboard. This will ultimately help you know how each of your campaigns has faired within a certain period.
If you have a particular audience and would like to earn additional Satt tokens, you can participate in advertising campaigns yourself.
SaTT tokens will automaticly be sent to your wallet after your promotion. At the moment you can participate to Youtube campaign, soon Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter will be available.
  1. Login to your wallet
  2. Click on the menu tray on the top left corner
  3. Click on Campaign
  4. Click on “Publishers”
    On the publisher’s dashboard you can see the total money you have received from campaigns, the number of your participation that has been accepted and rejected and the number of campaigns you currently have in progress.
  5. Go to the list of campaigns and click on “apply” on the campaign you want to participate in
The above steps are the way to participate in an advertising campaign on the SaTT platform. Carry out every instruction on a given campaign and your SaTT wallet will be credited with the right amount of SaTT token after your participation has been verified.