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SaTT : All the keys in hand to make your marketing a BIG success!

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SaTT Price

(+600%) $1000

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One SaTT wallet, Limitless support

  • • Deposit, secure, and manage tokens with ease
  • • Transfer verified payments to and from your account
  • • Connect smoothly with SaTT dApp (decentralized app)
  • • Interface harmoniously with Bitcoin, ERC20, and BEP20
Create a free wallet

Create AdPools to promote your brand

  • • Near-zero transaction fees
  • • Custom automated payments
  • • Data-driven statistics
  • • Absolutely 0 middlemen
  • • YouTube, Twitter, Instagram & Facebook support
Create your AdPool

Farm your social networks

  • • Monetize your social media account
  • • Removes fraud through blockchain
  • • Real-time payments
  • • Performance-based payments
  • • Guaranteed campaign funding
  • • Smart Contracts powered
Start Farming
A computer showing SaTT platform

AdPool: Reward influencers to promote your brand

Are you ready to boost your sales, drive greater revenue, and surpass your marketing objectives? If so, get started with SaTT today.

Try our new AdPool concept, where multiple influencers can participate in the same campaign and try to collect as much budget as they can.

With SaTT Smart Contract, you’ll only pay for results. In turn, you can launch targeted ad campaigns while working with creators and partners who understand your objectives.

With data-driven performance reports, automated campaign options, and absolutely 0 middleman, SaTT empowers organizations to increase their exposure and results.

Post Farming: Fairer, faster, and more secure way to monetize your social media account

SaTT allows you to Farm your social media posts by regenerating money from them.

It creates a unique opportunity for content creators and digital marketers, accelerating their earning potential while increasing their exposure.

By using blockchain, transactions are automated to ensure a faster and more transparent payment process. Every step of the way, creators are paid based on their results, achieving specific criteria and KPIs that define campaign success.

If you’re interested in working on relevant, fully-funded advertising campaigns, get started with SaTT today.

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Farm Your Social Networks & Earn Crypto With Social Media

Buy SaTT with
Credit Cards & Apple Pay

They Talk About Us

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SaTT Is Set to Pioneer Blockchain-based Advertising As It Unveils Its Social Media Monetization Platform.

AAccording to Atayen, AdPool would allow content creators to earn SaTT automatically through Post Farming, which requires them to attain a certain number of views, likes, or retweets...

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Following Successful ICO, SaTT Hits the Market

DeFi has been a massive game-changer for several industries, and the social network market is an obligated participant...

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Innovative marketplace for advertisers and influencers deploys on BSC

A blockchain-based advertising platform has announced that it is integrating Binance’s Smart Chain, amid concerns about transaction fees on the Ethereum network...

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How CMOs Can Keep Up With Technology Innovation

No matter what your industry is, there is little to no doubt that you are being affected in some way by the continuous improvements and exponential levels of innovation taking place within the technology sector...

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How Blockchain Is Changing the Advertising Industry

Modern advertising is facing new problems that require new solutions, and blockchain may be just the key...

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Promising Advertising Blockchain Company Atayen Integrates a BSC Bridge for Its SATT Token

Smart Advertising Transaction Token (SaTT) has announced its integration with Binance bridge and has issued a BEP-20 version of its SATT token. This was made known via its Twitter handle, this move will...

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  • Rocket To the moon

    Pre ICO launch


  • Wallet illustration

    SaTT Wallet Creation


  • Social Networks Logos

    Oracles release:
    YouTube, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram


  • Smart Contract ERC20 illustration

    Smart Contract ERC20 Bêta Version


  • DApp illustration

    Bêta Version

    SaTT DApp (Decentralized Application)

  • Youtube Ad illustration

    First 10 YouTube ad campaign tests

    SaTT DApp

  • Smart Contracts illustration

    Advertising Smart Contract V1 Release
    (ERC20 only)


  • Stamp illustration

    Advertising Smart Contract Audit


  • New Cryptos illustration

    New cryptocurrencies available on SaTT Wallet

    SaTT DApp

  • Listing illustration

    SaTT First Listing on 3 Exchanges

    SEPTEMBER 24th

  • Centralize illustration

    Temporary centralized solution
    (without Ethereum fees)


  • Binance Logo

    Advertising Smart Contract BEP20 Release


  • Beta illustration

    SaTT Wallet First Beta Access

    SaTT DApp

  • Twitter Logo

    Oracle Twitter Relaunch

    SaTT DApp

  • Audit illustration

    Advertising Smart Contract V2


  • Proof Of Concept illustration

    The Graph Implementation

    SaTT DApp

  • DApp illustration

    SaTT Wallet V1 Release

    SaTT DApp

  • Developper illustration

    SaTT Wallet Refactoring

    SaTT DApp

  • Wallet illustration

    SaTT Wallet API V2

    SaTT DApp

  • Opensource illustration

    SaTT Wallet Open Source Version Release

    SaTT GitHub

  • Instagram Illustration

    Social Media Oracles: Instagram

    SaTT Oracles

  • Facebook Logo

    Social Media Oracles: Facebook

    SaTT Oracles

  • LinkedIn Logo

    Social Media Oracles: LinkedIn

    SaTT Oracles

  • Tiktok Logo

    Social Media Oracles: TikTok

    SaTT Oracles

  • Polygon Logo

    Advertising Smart Contract: Polygon

    SaTT DApp

  • Bittorrent Logo

    Advertising Smart Contract: BitTorrent Chain

    SaTT DApp

  • Tron Logo

    Advertising Smart Contract: Tron Chain

    SaTT DApp

  • Happy anniversary SaTT!

    SaTT Anniversary

    SaTT Marketing

  • Business model illustration

    SaTT New Business Model

    SaTT DApp

  • Bridge illustration

    SaTT New Bridge


  • New papers Illustration

    New Lightpaper & Whitepaper


  • Statistics illustration

    Statistics Improvement

    SaTT DApp

  • History Illustration

    History Improvement

    SaTT DApp

  • Onboarding illustration

    Onboarding Optimizations

    SaTT DApp

  • Multiwallet icon

    MultiWallet: Import your owned wallet

    SaTT DApp

  • Publisher illustration

    Publisher Tools: Automatic Generated Content

    SaTT DApp

  • Gatechain logo

    Advertising Smart Contract: Gate Chain

    SaTT DApp

  • VK Logo

    Social Media Oracles: VK

    SaTT Oracles

  • Pinterest Logo

    Social Media Oracles: Pinterest

    SaTT Oracles

  • Gleam Logo

    Social Media Oracles: Gleam

    SaTT Oracles

  • Feed illustration

    Feed Home Page

    SaTT DApp

  • Influencer Scoring illustration

    Influencer Scoring System

    SaTT DApp

  • Brand Scoring illustration

    Brand Scoring System

    SaTT DApp

  • Bot illustration

    IA Selection: Anti Cheat / Anti Fraud Algorithm

    SaTT DApp

  • Coins illustration

    New Payment System: ax + b AdPools

    SaTT DApp

  • SaTT Connect Module illustration

    SaTT Connect Module

    SaTT DApp

  • Wallet Connect illustration

    Wallet Connect
    SaTT / Metamask / Coinbase Connect

    SaTT DApp

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  • SaTT is a digital advertising token that facilitates smoother transactions between content creators and advertisers. Ultimately, SaTT facilitates faster, cheaper, and more secure digital advertising purchases. Of note, SaTT is available on both the Ethereum blockchain ERC20 and Binance Smart Chain BEP20

  • No, the tokens do not confer any right or any property on the company ATAYEN, Inc.

    The token allows to use the advertising services made available by the company ATAYEN, Inc and to exchange exclusive products and services.

  • Buy SaTT ERC20 and BEP20 with your credit card or Apple Pay on SaTT.io and Simplex

    Buy SaTT ERC20 on Bittrex, Probit, HitBTC, Fmfw.io, Digifinex

    Buy SaTT BEP20 on Pancakeswap - Contract: 0x448bee2d93be708b54ee6353a7cc35c4933f1156. Pancakeswap tutorial

  • We’ve partnered with Multichain, here's how to bridge your SaTT:

    1. Go to https://app.multichain.org/#/router.
    2. In the top menu bar, select Ethereum Mainnet or BNB Chain Mainnet, depending on the SaTT you have in your wallet.
    3. Connect your wallet, making sure it is configured on the same blockchain as the one previously selected.
    4. Select SaTT from the drop-down list.
    5. Enter the amount you wish to exchange and then confirm the transaction.
    6. You will receive your SaTT on the same address
  • Whether you’re trying to configure MetaMask or Trust Wallet, we recommend reviewing the following resources:

    MetaMask Registration | MetaMask Configuration

    Trust Wallet Registration | Trust Wallet Configuration

    Likewise, you can learn how to use the ERC-20 to BEP-20 bridge Here

  • To validate your KYC, start by logging into your SaTT dashboard. Next, select your profile picture. Once selected, click the ‘legal-KYC’ button. Now, you can upload your ID card with the same information that you included during the registration process. Once complete, select the ‘submit’ button. After submission, the verification process can take anywhere from 2 to 5 days, on average. If everything was sent correctly, your KYC will be validated. If, however, there is a missing document, irrelevant file, or invisible inclusion, you will receive amplifying follow-on information.

  • For advertisers seeking accelerated growth on Facebook, Iframe Apps offers a series of eight SaTT-eligible apps, enabling access to advertising products and services rooted in a network of vetted partners.

  • SaTT can be stored in a variety of cryptocurrency wallets, including our native SaTT wallet, Ledger wallet, MetaMask wallet, Ethereum wallet, or Binance Smart Chain wallet.

  • We love to chat with our community, do not hesitate to contact us

  • Your wallet’s password is retrievable by simply selecting the ‘forgot password’ link. From there, follow the instructions to select a new password. If you lose your blockchain password, however, there is no method of retrieval. This password enables you to send and receive SaTT. As a result, the password is inaccessible, even to our SaTT technical support team. We highly recommend writing down your blockchain password in a secure location where you won’t lose it. In turn, you can avoid a potentially costly situation.

  • For assistance after a Facebook account deletion, please email contact@satt-token.com and have your account information ready, including the email you use to access Facebook.

  • Reach?
    The number of people who see your content.

    Max Reach?
    Similar to a payment threshold in affiliate marketing, it allows an advertiser to limit the payment respective to the number of subscribers of an influencer.

  • Impressions is the number of times your content is displayed

  • An AdPool is an advertising offering created by a brand in the form of an escrow account on the blockchain and which can be solicited by a content creator based on the performance of a publication.

  • Generate money from a social media post by adding a link into an AdPool.

  • The ultimate goal of the SaTT network is to leverage the blockchain for more streamlined advertising efforts. By decentralizing the advertising ecosystem, SaTT eliminates the need for an intermediate between creators and advertisers. Additionally, SaTT facilitates more efficient ad campaigns, prevents manipulation of KPIs, and mitigates the potential of cyberattacks. Even if one aspect of the network goes down or is negatively affected, the decentralized nature of the system ensures uninhibited functionality for campaigns.

    The key advantage of hosting an ad campaign on a decentralized network like SaTT is that if the server experiences a failure or a malicious attack, the entire system will not be affected unlike a centralized ad system. This ensures that the advertising campaign continues to function despite a momentary problem on part of the network.

  • To kickstart your campaign, start by logging into your SaTT wallet. Make sure that your account has SaTT tokens as well as Ethereum or Binance Coin available. Next, select the ‘AdPools’ via the side panel. From there, select ‘Create a new AdPool’ to start the process. Afterward, a form entry field will appear. Fill in any mandatory fields. On the following section, you will set your budget. Once complete, you can add one or more campaign kits that you’d like to share. Lastly, if you’re ready to put your work into action, press ‘Launch my AdPool’ and enter your transaction password. Note that all your progress will be saved if you don’t launch the campaign right away. After launching, you can monitor your analytics on the analytics button located on the upper right side. In turn, you’ll have a thorough understanding of how you are performing over time.

  • There are many AdPools available here: https://dapp.satt.com/ad-pools

    Feel free to submit your post and start earning crypto today via Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and many more to be released.

    Do you need more help? Check our documentation: https://satt-token.com/docs/welcome/

  • To get involved in an AdPool, simply log into your wallet. Ensure that your account has Ethereum or Binance Coin available (depending on the Blockchain the AdPool is operating on). Next, select the 'AdPool' via the side panel. Click on the AdPool that you are interested in, once on the page, you can join the AdPool by clicking on the upper side named Participate.

    Submit the post (that follows the requirements) you want to farm, enter your wallet password and wait for the blockchain to accept it. You did it! Now, you know and can participate in AdPool. Be sure to follow the instructions and brief carefully to earn SaTT.

    On the ‘Post Farming’ page that follows, you can view the total amount of SaTT you have earned as well as your AdPool participation track record (accepted vs. declined). You can also see any campaigns that are in progress. For more information, select any given campaign. There, you can find more stats. To get involved, select the ‘apply’ button.

  • The SaTT platform includes security protocols to prevent malicious activity. For example, after 3 incorrect password entries, an account will be blocked for 30-minutes. After a follow-on incorrect attempt, the 30-minute timer will be reset.

  • We are not empowered to give financial advice or make any type of projections about the future value of SaTT. Help us send the SaTT "to the moon" by offering ideas and sharing our social networks. If you are in a hurry, you can try to send the SaTT by yourself to the moon by playing our game "When Moon" on Android and IOS.


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