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Indicator Bullrun 2022

That key indicator you forgot: the start of bullrun 2022?

It’s been a year now that Bitcoin’s price has fluctuated between $32,000 and $68,000, and we’re still struggling to determine if it will finally resume its TO THE MOON run!

French Article:–le-debut-du-bullrun-2022

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The “Fear & Greed Index”

This indicator, the Fear & Greed index is based on 6 data points, related to general human sentiment: volatility, market momentum/volume, social networks, user surveys, the dominance of Bitcoin in the market, as well as Google Trends related to Bitcoin.

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The Fear & Greed Index has always proven itself to the trading community. It varies very little and often rests either below the 50 mark or above it.

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We can see on this graph that it touched 3 times the 50, to finally exceed them. And this is not negligible. Are we back in a bullish period? It’s time to do your analysis!

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