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#sTRONgerTogetherChallenge Ad Pool: How to participate?

After our participation in the TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 and hitting the 1sT Runner-Up place with more than 100 votes from the Tron community. We didn’t want to stop the connections we had made at the event: United We Stand, Divided We Fall

To enhance/boost the Tron ecosystem, Laurent Perello (@PerelloLaurent) / Twitter launched the sTRONgerTogetherChallenge, a TRON Ecosystem Initiative. +$10K Airdrop will be granted for participants for the next 30 days.

Participants only have to follow, retweet, like, comment, tag 3 friends and join the Telegram Channel to join the contest.

The perfect opportunity to build partnerships. First, we’ve decided to offer free listings on to all hackathon participants. We really liked the #sTRONgerTogetherChallenge initiative, and decided to offer $2200 in $SaTT to promote the event on Twitter. This article explains how to participate.

Let’s participate in the #sTRONgerTogertherChallenge Ad Pool

Create an account on 

⚠️ Warning: We don’t recommend using a Dashlane-type password manager. There is a risk of overwriting your transaction password because managers are not used to managing multiple passwords for a single site, which is possible in DApps.

As a reminder, we are not responsible for the loss of your funds

OGDccw iUi pNrCXiOhPa Ax2ww4B1OtLNP2mwfkWcglvNQHKC MiVKrUl y

❓ Do you need more help? 

Join Telegram 👉 

Read Documentation (Under development) 👉 

Once done, you can connect to your account: 

GfLNGRsOqKl FFdseDNB7viCynNBBmjiA1vRuT

Now, go to the #sTRONgerTogetherChallenge Ad Pool: 

yXgc0Coy1WthZmTDMU4hRUnF1i9sFSePJfoeoMJ3Hq4x5wffzIeQT VaBz5eHT61j6Ns7FFnntV 5bhN4GdAPScJUdvjZCVdyp5 F967K2

Read carefully all the specifications, go on Twitter and make a quote tweet following the specified rules.

⚠️ Take care about the first mission “Make a Quote Tweet of this Pinned Post Twitter Account: 👉 You’ll need to QUOTE TWEET the current pinned tweet of @PerelloLaurent


Once the tweet is published, click on your tweet, copy your URL or click on the “share” button, then “copy link to tweet”.

VTI7W2eLETGSSjDYFVrMXTkOFGePKpRBif7de km3hIq JtuiKwQzZXfixfEkJrMAQd0g8Ke2Z3mbxwQvPcKF 5fK2TbD9uHdSVz6INyoXc8q3lKS09 vUuwzlp1B7a4cArdfpXK9EM5tOSNwS9PNP4

Your link should look like this: 

Return to the Ad Pool page and click on “Participate” on PC/MAC or “Apply” in the bottom bar on mobile

Paste your link, enter your transaction password, and click Send.

If your Twitter account isn’t linked, just click on “Link to Twitter”.

Bm8zAUa1fgIQkxSe3 fbqS0hg IYOjBlXWf0DQSxPBPX09QUs2gaQBJbqO0vV0ggk lV5g2YUCpjiTaYlBvNmm8h6OmRQEiE8 dhka9bwNcpph7XfRfgjmToyKfsqzjcE8VrV0fd2ln8k7j151it5RM

Your link will be waiting for validation by the advertiser, please be patient.

⏱️ The harvest function will be available only 24 hours after the validation by the Ad Pool Manager.

Once done, click on Harvest 🚜

UL VOWb9Aaz3Z695pEWrmuQBIS 8nu J8sa9Dwip2rfiwXcSR4b2Hrn6p F 0ttff8quPpiFeLbF4Dr5KQqgBbn1zFLQxSjXnMr11eK6fZlIrUwr2chFzttdWXj0Tx8DeYeY 6y1MddiQEkLAiBRZt0

Enter your password and wait a few moments.

Congratulations, you’ve harvested your earnings! You can check the blockchain information by clicking on the txhash.

Here is the first step for SaTT in the Tron community. Soon, will be able to launch Ad Pools on TRON & BTTC. Nano-influencers and Micro-influencer could be remunerated with reduced transaction fees. Stay tuned, future partnerships will be announced! 🔥🔥

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