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Smart Contract Update: SaTT prepares new oracles implementations

As you know, SaTT is the blockchain advertising ecosystem based on the SaTT token. Some of you have already successfully participated in one of our Twitter or YouTube Ad Pools.

Today, we are pleased to announce that all Ad Pools will soon be reset to zero. Why are we so happy about it?  Because this reset will be good for everyone and will take the SaTT ecosystem to the next level.

The update that will send the SaTT ecosystem to the moon!

This update fundamentally changes the way the SaTT ecosystem is designed. It will now be possible to add new social networks more quickly and easily without having to reset the current Ad Pools!

Before this implementation, in order to add an Oracle into our ecosystem, SaTT team needed to reset all the Ad Pools every time.

From now on, the integration of the simplest functionalities will not need a reset. On top of that, this is another step going toward open sourcing. This update will be a huge game-changer.

Time to harvest your Tweet, Ad Pools reset incoming

As explained above, the team will start to update the platform on Thursday, December 9th 2021, 9am CET. Each Ad Pool will be disabled. 

⚠️ Make sure to Harvest your SaTT rewards before 12/09/21 9:00AM CET. ⚠️

Don’t forget to log in to and collect your earnings.

A chance to update the Ad Pool list

The team has prepared a series of new SaTT Ad Pools as part of the reset. 

These Ad Pools will allow newcomers to test the SaTT platform continually.

Here is the list of the future new Ad Pools: 

  • Tweet a SaTT article
  • Tweet the SaTT homepage
  • Write a thread: SaTT Test
  • Write a tutorial for SaTT
  • Write an article for SaTT
  • Create a short video tutorial for SaTT

We will share more details about each Ad Pool in an upcoming article.

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