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Launching Our New Website

We are proud to announce the launch of our new website,, as a step towards relaunching our marketing and media plan. Tapping into the growing popularity of SaTT, we have decided to build a larger and more experienced team to be able to explore more avenues for exploration.

The website is a temporary website until the release of, which aims to grow into the largest website for advertisers, influencers and developers reaping the benefits of the SaTT dApp. Together with a number of improvements and updates, our latest website is set to come with a new authentication system that will take security to a new level.

Promising Quality and Development: SaTT

Blockchain has brought about a massive change in almost every industry, from finance to healthcare, construction to education and more. More and more sectors are now utilizing the power of decentralization and transparency of blockchain in their regular operations for greater efficiency. The advertising industry, however, had remained largely aloof from this development for long, until SaTT.

Smart Advertising Transaction Token, or SaTT, aims at revolutionizing the advertisement and publishing segment with its range of new blockchain-based tech. The ads industry faces an array of challenges that are largely ignored and unsolved, the more prominent ones including high operation costs, delayed payments, opacity in monetary transactions, poor outputs, and so on.

With an Ethereum-based dApp, we bring greater speed, more transparency and pertinent stats to the table for the advertisement segment. Besides adding the element of security to transactions and operations, SaTT is also working towards establishing a one-stop destination for users to create and monetize campaigns, publish and distribute them, making the participation beneficial for all stakeholders.

What the New Website Launch Means for Us and You

Despite having a strong presence across all verticals of the advertisement industry, we have decided to launch a new, temporary website, **and expanding it to reach new avenues is another. The aim of our new website launch is a mix of both, and we hope to take it further from here.

In continuation with this website launch, we will be upgrading to, and we plan on creating it as the largest online forum for content creators, publishers, advertisers and other stakeholders of the industry. This would be followed up with the SaTT dApp’s evolution into a more powerful and fierce solutions platform for the advertisement segment. Besides, we also have in mind to put forth our Proof of Concept to help visualize what role our idea can play in shaping the future of the industry.

On an Onward Journey

SaTT has been adding more and more feathers to its cap in recent times and expects to grow much more in its journey ahead. Our recent listing on, one of the world’s leading crypto exchanges, was a big step in the right direction for us, and a big feat in our fundraising initiatives. We are not just surpassing our soft cap but also closing in massive figures.

SaTT’s ERC20 token is growingly gaining greater popularity in the field of digital transactions for advertising and content campaigns. We promise unmatched security, prompt disbursements and ease of use, allowing users to easily stock and transfer SaTT money to chosen contacts using our special wallet. As SaTT continues to grow across verticals and use cases for the advertisement industry, we hope to build stronger relationships between advertisers and content creators/publishers in the near future.

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