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How to participate in an advertising campaign on the platform Satt 1

How to create an advertising Campaign with SaTT?

As you know, the SaTT solution developed by Atayen Inc company is currently revolutionizing the online advertising market, particularly on social networks. Thanks to the blockchain technology & the SaTT smart-contract, all companies can now create an advertising campaign on the SaTT platform and gain organic coverage on social media by influencers and micro-influencers from your industry.

Need to promote your product, service or project on social networks with a transparent solution that pays according to the results and allows you to approve or disapprove the micro-influencers that will promote your brand?

You’ve come to the right place!
We explain everything to create your advertising campaign on SaTT platform below 👇

Step 1 : Login to your SaTT Wallet

Visit & Log in to your Wallet

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*If you don’t have a SaTT wallet yet, Sign up today by clicking on the Sign up button next to the Login and follow the instructions.


Step 2 : Click “Advertise your Brand”

Create your Advertising Campaign with SaTT

*To create your Advertising Campaign on SaTT, you need SaTT tokens to pay the people that will promote your project. If you don’t have SaTT yet in your wallet, have a look at this article before proceeding to step 3. 


Step 3 : Click “+ Create a New Campaign”

Create your advertising Campaign With SaTT 3


Step 4 : Fill the information about your Campaign – General information


Create your Advertising Campaign with SaTT 4

4.1/ Give “Title of the Campaign”

Tip : The title must be attractive and must represent your product, service or company!
The more relevant it appears, the more micro-influencers will want to promote it.

4.2/ Add “Tags”

Tip : Ideally the tags should be representative of your industry. An influencer or micro-influencer in Blockchain for example, will sort the campaigns by tags and will probably look for the “Blockchain” or “Cryptocurrency” tag in their usual search criteria for active SAAT campaigns.
By defining the right tags, you are more likely to have a large number of participants. The optimal number of tags is considered between 5 to 6.

4.3/ Fill “Countries Targeted”

Tip : Do you want to promote your company in more than one country? You have the freedom to select the targeted countries for your campaign.
It is also possible to select “All Countries” as shown on the picture above to receive a wider exposure.

4.4/ Add your “Campaign Image”

Tip : The image of your campaign must comprise of an attractive design to create a strong first impression on maximum number of influencers for your campaign.
The ideal image size is 850 x 315 px.

4.5/ Summary of the Campaign

Tip : In here you must briefly summarize the purpose of your campaign. Specify which products, services you wish to promote and possibly how.


Create your advertising Campaign with SaTT 5

4.6/ Fill ” Description of the Campaign”

Tip : Try here to include as much information as possible about the purpose of the campaign to help influencers to understand what they need to promote and how.
Don’t hesitate to list your advantages over your competitors, talk about your experience and any information that the influencers can use to ensure the best possible promotion for you.

When done, click on “Save” to save and continue later, or click “Next Step” to continue the process!

Step 5 : Fill the information about your Campaign – Budget

Create your advertising Campaign with SaTT 6

5.1/ Set the amount of funds dedicated to the campaign.

Tip : The equivalent in USD appears right next to it.
We recommend a minimum of 25,000 SaTT or $100 if you have a limited budget.
You want to have a big exposure on social networks and attract big influencers? 500,000 SaTT are recommended, or about $2,000.

You can of course set an amount now, and adjust it up or down later.

5.2/ Set the Duration of the Campaign

Tip : We recommend a campaign of approximately 30 days to ensure a significant promotion.

5.3/ Select the social media you want to activate for your campaign

You can select from social networks such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter. It is possible to select as many networks as you see fit based on the goals of your campaign.
More social networks will be available soon!

5.4/ Set up the number of SaTT per Views, Likes & Shares

You can now indicate the number of SaTT tokens you will spend for influencers based on the number of views, likes, or shares received on their publications.

This section of the campaign design is fully customisable. Hence it is possible to leave some of the boxes empty. For example, if you want to reward only for the number of likes on a tweet but not for the number of views, you can leave the “Price/views” box empty.

Tip : On average, advertisers allocate 10 SaTT tokens per view, 75 SaTT per like and 150 per share.
Feel free to allocate less SaTT to get more commitment over time. Note that influencers would prefer campaigns that reward the most. Being competitive with your rewards is a one sure way to attract more influencers. Chances of you landing more influencers for your campaign are higher if your campaign is among the best projects, services or products out there.

Step 6 : Fill the information about your Campaign – Campaign Kit

Create your advertising Campaign with SaTT 7

Here you can insert links (like your website, blog, social networks or others) and files (images, advertising campaign…) that will be used by participants to promote your project, service or product on their own social networks.

Once completed, click on “Next Step”!

Step 7 : Validate your campaign

Create your advertising campaign with SaTT 8

Click “Launch the Campaign” to start!
Your campaign is now live and it will be among the other campaigns on the SaTT platform. Influencers will start to promote your brand upon embarking on your campaign!

Step 8 : Validate the posts and check the results of your campaign

Create your advertising campaign with SaTT 9

Select your campaign inside the “Advertise your brand” section and then click on “Sponsored posts”. You will see all the publications that have been made about your project in association to the SAAT campaign. It’s up to you to validate them and approve based on your assessment of how well they match your criteria of a successful promotional post.

You can also click on “Statistics” to get a global view of the results across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Youtube.

Await the next article that will be published soon on in-campaign analysis of results of your live campaign!

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