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How to find my Youtube Video URL?

As you know, in order to participate in a SaTT campaign, you need to publish a post and share the link to it so that the oracle takes your post into account.

However, it is very important to have the right link and the right format!

If your link is not correct or in the right format, your post will not be taken into account by the oracle, and you will not receive your rewards for participating in the campaign.

That’s why we’re providing a series of tutorials to help you find the URL for your post and make sure it’s in the right format.

In this article, we will show you how to get the URL for a YouTube video.

You will find the links to the other tutorials below:

How to find my Twitter post URL

How to do? 

  1. Open the page of your video

On your web browser, open your video as if you were going to watch it.

3LFlDFlxHwe pfdFhtUoDMdI6kZH4qHj5G6G1GVzftYzk5el8upoobD5BhPa9CVlLuFiwmQywAxj6OwD yEHTpOfddTyzsyE5NndW5fqnvIV2ov2HLmMVhFl77aWl3cK50dWW J
  1. Get the URL

To get the URL of your video you need to copy it from your address bar.

Cl 9Dwb1UUOmhu jU9h8 tO5T0WGVInN7YW9J2hinDoPengUHgz E6HmO536LcgHJOTZnyb0T0USijo 15tutkxKuIclJRZv0GXnd3 2N1dc8b2Nl92BC7yKmXyU4Pa3l CEyn9f

You can copy it by left-clicking on the URL and then right-click and “copy”.

Make sure that your URL has this format:

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