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What is BTTC and how users will benefit from it?

BTTC is a new chain that supports and is compatible with TRON, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Via BTTC, decentralized transfer of mainstream assets between TRON, Ethereum, and BSC is now possible without any restrictions.

This technology will offer more interoperability across the SocialFi crypto ecosystem and this was announced on BitTorrent Twitter Official account:

BitTorrent Inc. on Twitter: “Thank you for having us @SaTT_Token 🤝 We’re glad to be here to help take #SocialFi to new heights! 🚀 #BTTC #BTT #crosschain #multichain” / Twitter

We’re glad to announce that we successfully released BTT Ad Pool feature after a series of successive tests.

This first two BTT campaigns aims to validate the web traffic test and the user experience with the help of beta-users before launching the real campaigns with both BTT and Tron communities.

Now you have the ability to create a BTT wallet and participate in the Ad Pool to farm your social media accounts and share up to 500 dollars in BTT.

We promise that our next campaigns will offer more attractive rewards in collaboration with different Tron & BTT communities.

As we started the StrongerTogetherChallenge with Laurent Perello, much more challenges are planned in order to enhance the engagement whit in Crypto ecosystem. 

Let’s participate in first BitTorrent Chain Ad Pool 🔥

Create an account on 

⚠️ Warning: We don’t recommend using a Dashlane-type password manager. There is a risk of overwriting your transaction password because managers are not used to managing multiple passwords for a single site, which is possible in DApps.

As a reminder, we are not responsible for the loss of your funds

uyv2F1bCLpu0b0Sn2spqpZT rh1kR9jRXNSRt4LK5iE yekq8Npq5Pt3 AHP824unxEoPf4 UKh7ThO5H7SWO0fMlmNDk5ADTLxZO2ZeJPMvXne nGsWZTyIk29ZNTG DsSr7uazmMJjn2Z9ZN 4FbaQbZqMlOyTgiK12cGHtzXQkdyiSzVtpRpSgg

Once done, you can connect to your account: 

EQkMWCrKcYoipupcoTtL50yoen1I4ZVRELSQ Kbk0f11 UPmUjcfLKYpwmJfgfOxV9xTPm6U

Now, go to the BitTorrent Ad Pool: 

⚠️ Ad Pools need gas! 

Our smart contract uses a third-party blockchain network to operate. So, you’ll need some BTT to participate, or harvest your earnings. Don’t forget to charge your account!

78js0DqffXeRd23V 9fTzNEqQJVnRyC4Gy6H IXeMKIgh40OF4y4xBv2bShs3EqjFHg2p7DDjcnmVtLRiujI0mRnMfqhoXwe8TXEpU WU90 rXsTcG4hI kgRnzBtygiyznMt9Ybvxt5m6vZypR7cm qZwOBQAcsYVMKZki6KIWBYeFPZl2cQADMLQ

Read carefully all the specifications, go on Twitter and make a quote tweet following the specified rules.


Once the tweet is published, click on your tweet, copy your URL or click on the “share” button, then “copy link to tweet”.

Your link should look like this: 

Return to the Ad Pool page and click on “Participate” on PC/MAC or “Apply” in the bottom bar on mobile

8qiRpg2YZMtvCIZ wyfP7cMfF 03ajQqLQUhndS dEqxrhDY9qxFcCOP079zWf38sBUqpWNTfTr SWVIpPLABZk4vJquMNeSRM

Paste your link, enter your transaction password, and click Send.

If your Twitter account isn’t linked, just click on “Link to Twitter”.

ulvoKjhxu kxSrC1TMI5 leN5 XHXKmG7JaHeVV8baDdbsBYB1EE7yglpn1F8ju019wxpzzy13ebBmPOW7 JqIVJDBAcgQ3fEuuLmlAItznXmZHgF9eszOu

Your link will be waiting for validation by the advertiser, please be patient.

⏱️ The harvest function will be available only 24 hours after the validation by the Ad Pool Manager.

Once done, click on Harvest 🚜

FUwOSnC6wMMUh78QOeASacLFW67ke6BxM7dlmAho1PnjKaXPuAH2c IGkiCS1gAKSbIxw46nBDFO2XERSr9YlVAF86iJhGEhYMGV8aAMD0UP2hbie6Aar35xnpVLfpLUXkvYr0J0KAuK86 BC8JMct4gYlXAp5LiQimX 5TCwgu etI PUq BKmvyw

Enter your password and wait a few moments.

Congratulations, you’ve harvested your earnings! You can check the blockchain information by clicking on the txhash.

We are happy to be part of the BitTorrent Chain Ecosystem. It is the first Ad Pool among many others, And we hope to launch Ad Pools very soon with more rewards and more collaborative projects. 🔥🔥

❓ Do you need more help? 

Join us on Telegram 👉 Read Documentation (Under development) 👉

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