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Mike Tyson invests in crypto

Mike Tyson, the former heavyweight boxing champion of the world, has announced that he’s ‘All in’ on Solana Crypto. The platform is providing an alternative to the cryptocurrency markets that are currently experiencing a massive correction. Mike Tyson has been a longtime admirer of Bitcoin and blockchain technology; he paints the technology as having changed the world for the better but believes there’s still much more growth to come from crypto.

Mike Tyson wants to invest in crypto because of its potential, even if it’s not yet at its best. “I am All-In on Solana Crypto,” says Tyson. “Solana has a great team, it’s led by CEO John Licata Solana Crypto is the next step in digital currency.”

Solana is a fully decentralized cryptocurrency that promises to fix the issues that are currently being experienced by most Blockchains. According to their website: “Solana is revolutionizing blockchain and building the first high-throughput blockchain that scales to millions of transactions per second.”

Solana is perfect for reducing transaction costs, increasing user adoption, and driving mainstream commerce.

Mike Tyson Asks How High The Price Of Solana Will Go

“I am looking for the moon on Solana Crypto,” said Tyson. “Right now, they have a good price and they have a real product. I think it is a beautiful thing. I will be buying more Solana.”

In August of 2016, Iron Mike and the artist Cory Van Lew presented the world premiere of Iron Mike’s very own NFT collection on OpenSea. According to the information provided on the company’s website, “The Mike Tyson NFT Collection” is a limited-edition collection of NFTs that was created to pay tribute to “The Baddest Man on the Planet,” Mike Tyson.

In a recent tweet, Tyson said, “Ever since I got into NFTs, I have been hunting for crypto partnerships, and DREAM truly leaped out.” This is the very first security of its kind that is restricted to trading on the stock market in the United States. Would be a positive development for the collective psychology of the cryptocurrency community as well as a game-changer for the industry.

Iron Mike Before deciding to put his money into Solana, Mike polled his followers on Twitter to find out which cryptocurrency they thought he should put his money into. He was on the fence about whether or not to put his money into Bitcoin or ether during the month of June of the previous year. He posed the question to his followers on Twitter, “Which do you prefer, BTC or ETH?” After that, he made an effort to make a choice between Solana and ether. During the month of September, he tweeted, “Solana or Ethereum?”

Solana is currently the fifth largest cryptocurrency on the market, according to data that was provided by Markets. Its current market capitalization is over $47 billion. The current price of the coin is $149.84 dollars as of right now. Over the course of the last year, the value of the cryptocurrency has climbed by 4,495 percent; yet, over the course of the preceding month, its value has plummeted by more than 15 percent.

According to research that was published by Bank of America last week that was optimistic about the future of Solana (SOL), it has the ability to supplant Ethereum as the digital asset payment network of choice.

Bottom Line

Mike Tyson has shared and expressed his views about cryptocurrency in a rather open manner, but what is more exciting is that he is planning on investing in NFTs too. Make sure that you are following the news, because these days more and more celebrities are joining the ranks with each other when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

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