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SaTT Documentation

Getting Started

Farm your social networks with SaTT!

Read our documentation to understand how to farm your social networks through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and much more.

What’s SaTT

Smart advertising Transaction Token

SaTT is an advertising token that allows you to monetize your community. Get paid for a Tweet, a Facebook post, a YouTube video, and much more.

What’re Ad Pools: an advertiser’s solution

Ad Pool: Reward influencers to promote your brand

Are you ready to boost your sales, drive greater revenue, and surpass your marketing objectives? If so, get started with SaTT today.

Try our new Ad Pool concept, where multiple influencers can participate in the same campaign and try to collect as much budget as they can.

With SaTT Smart Contract, you’ll only pay for results. In turn, you can launch targeted ad campaigns while working with creators and partners who understand your objectives.

With data-driven performance reports, automated campaign options, and absolutely 0 middleman, SaTT empowers organizations to increase their exposure and results.

What’s Post Farming: a content creator’s solution

Post Farming: Fairer, faster, and more secure way to monetize your social media account

SaTT allows you to Farm your social media posts by regenerating money from them.

It creates a unique opportunity for content creators and digital marketers, accelerating their earning potential while increasing their exposure.

By using blockchain, transactions are automated to ensure a faster and more transparent payment process. Every step of the way, creators are paid based on their results, achieving specific criteria and KPIs that define campaign success.

If you’re interested in working on relevant, fully-funded advertising campaigns, get started with SaTT today.

Interface presentation

  1. Wallet Address

Here you’ll find your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and many other network address of your wallet

  1. Profile settings

Social networks, interests, KYC & security, all your information.

  1. Notifications
  2. Wallet

Watch your balance, send receive & convert tokens.

  1. Ad Pools

Create your owned Advertising Pool or submit your application to an Ad Pool and Farm your Post.

  1. Post Farming

Harvest your tokens from your Ad Pool participation.

  1. My history

Find your transactions and your Ad Pool participation history.

  1. Help

Read the FAQ or contact our team.

  1. Gas fees

Blockchain networks need fees to interact with Ad Pools & Post Farming

  1. Send coins & tokens 
  2. Send a receipt request
  3. Buy coin or token
  4. The bridge: convert ERC20 to BEP20 and vice versa
  5. Contact our team
  6. Add a new token


⚠️ Ad Pools and Farm Post interacts with the blockchain. ⚠️

Our smart contract uses a third-party blockchain network to operate. SaTT is currently available on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. So you need some ETH or BNB for your participation or to recover your earnings.

How to get ETH?

First solution: 

  1. Click on the buy icon
  2. Here you’ll buy ETH by card

Second solution: 

Buy ETH on Binance or Uniswap.

Copy your wallet address.

Send your BNB to your wallet address using the Ethereum Network (ERC20).

Your ETHs will appear on your wallet quickly.

How to get BNB?

Buy BNB on Binance or PancakeSwap.

Copy your wallet address.

Send your BNB to your wallet address using the BSC Network (BEP20).

Your BNBs will appear in your wallet quickly.

⚠️ Never forget your transaction password ⚠️

⚠️ A blockchain transaction may take a long time to success, be patient! ⚠️


Proof Of Concept: YouTube Challenge

Be among the first to farm SaTT through YouTube 

Whether you have 100 or 1 million subscribers, your performance will dictate your compensation. SaTT automatically measures your impact through an integrated smart contract that rewards high-volume results. Once you fulfill the requirements, your reward is sent immediately. No delays, payment challenges, or foggy metrics. Just results. 

SaTT’s user-friendly interface, ease-of-use, and accessibility are changing the world of influencer marketing as we know it. Now, everything you need is in one easy-to-navigate application: 

As part of our efforts, we’re excited to step into our proof-of-concept phase for SaTT…

About the ‘Proof Of Concept: YouTube Challenge’

The biggest innovation in modern-day advertising is well underway. To celebrate, Atayen is launching a test drive for YouTubers. Throughout the process, advertisers and creators alike will experience the benefits and capabilities of SaTT firsthand. 

The first advertising pool (AdPool) of the promotion includes 100M SaTT that’s ready to be farmed. During the challenge, YouTubers can claim their stake. The ultimate goal of the challenge is to generate 5M YouTube views.

Farm your audience on YouTube and earn crypto

Ad Pool: Proof Of Concept SaTT: YouTube Challenge


Budget: 100 000 000 $SaTT

Blockchain: BSC BEP20

Social Network: YouTube

Remuneration mode: performance-based

Duration: 6 months

Rewards: 10 $SaTT/Views; 20 $SaTT/Like

Ad Pools

Create an Ad Pool (Coming soon)

Post Farming

Farm Post, Earn SaTT

  1. Ad Pools interface
  2. Blockchain Network
  3. Social Network
  4. Full description
  1. Submit a post
  2. Reward earned; Remaining reward in Ad Pool
  3. SaTT/view; SaTT/like; SaTT/share; Reach max
  4. Instruction, description, useful links & campaign kit

Farm Post, Earn BTC, ETH, UNI, CAKE… (Coming soon)

Submit a Twitter Link

Post your tweet

  1. Click on it
  1. Copy the link
  1. Link your account
  1. Enter your transaction password and send
  2. Be patient


Submit a YouTube Link

Post your video on YouTube

  1. Click on share
  2. Copy the link
  1. Paste your link
  2. Link your YouTube account

Our Google “bluecheck” will be accepted soon. Currently, you can only validate manually.

  1. Click on Advanced settings
  1. Confirm
  1. Continue
  1. Submit your transaction password and send your link
  2. Be patient


Submit an Instagram Link (Coming soon)

Submit a Facebook Link (Coming soon)

Harvest a Post

  1. Go to Post Farming
  2. Be patient, an advisor is verifying your post
  1. Click on Harvest
  1. Submit your transaction password and confirm


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