With an aim to expand the SaTT ecosystem and tap into the efficiency and popularity of leading crypto exchanges of the world, we are proud to announce that SaTT will be listing its smart advertising token on Bitcoin.com.

In our collaboration with this leading digital asset trading platform, we hope to merge our competence and Bitcoin.com’s excellence for exceeding the expectations of blockchain enthusiasts across the world. 

Developed by the core team of Atayen Inc, which also developed the iFrames app for Facebook’s business pages, SaTT is an advertising product technology. Our platform has some of the industry’s biggest clients on its portfolio – Coca-Cola, McDonalds, and Disney, to name a few. With the launch of our smart token on one of the world’s most popular crypto exchanges, SaTT is all set to become the talk of the town again.  

Keeping Quality at the Forefront – SaTT

Blockchain has transformed almost every traditional commercial and industrial sector over the last few years. The advertising industry, however, had remained almost untouched by the technology. With the world becoming more and more web-based, and social media gaining added prominence, the world of advertising has reached new heights. 

Smart Advertising Transaction Token, or SaTT, is one such product that aims at revolutionizing the advertising industry through an array of blockchain-based services. Our platform aims to overcome the various challenges that the advertising industry is beset with, such as high operation fees, delayed payments, lack of transparency and accountability, underperformance, and so on. 

Users can buy smart advertising services on SaTT’s Ethereum-based dApp, where we ensure them speed, transparency, and relevant statistics. All transactions between advertisers and publishers/influencers are decentralized on SaTT’s dApp, besides being more secure and cost-efficient than traditional platforms. At the same time, users get a single platform for both campaign creation and monetization, benefitting all stakeholders simultaneously. 

SaTT’s Smart Contract is steadily helping improve relationships between advertisers and content creators/publishers by bringing reliability and promptness to the table. While the advertiser can now reach out to multiple international creators without the need for any middlemen, content creators are safeguarded against frauds and forgery with the enhanced reliability of our platform.  

Getting Listed on Bitcoin.com 

In continuation with a series of listings on leading crypto exchanges, we have planned to launch the SaTT token on Bitcoin.com, one of the most popular and advanced crypto trading platforms globally. The crypto exchange can be used to trade in BTC, BCH, ETH, XRP, LTC, BNB, and XLM, with dedicated 24×7 customer support and fast, reliable services. 

Started in 2008, Bitcoin.com is registered in Saint Kitts and Nevis and offers leveraged trading to its users. The exchange is growing steadily with time and is quite the rage among crypto traders who prefer mobile phones for exchanges. The platform has outscored many of its competitors when it comes to a reliable and transparent trading experience. 

What the Listing Means for Us

SaTT is on a streak in terms of getting listed on the world’s most popular exchange trading platforms. While the world views it as yet another feather in our cap, we celebrate it as a remarkable feat in our fundraising initiatives. SaTT is not just surpassing its soft cap in unprecedentedly brief durations but also closing in massive figures. Needless to say, our collaboration with Bitcoin.com promises great potential for advancement in the blockchain industry.  

Built on Ethereum, SaTT’s ERC20 token is the primary payment method on the platform for availing a myriad of services, including digital transactions, advertising campaigns, and more. What makes our token stand out is its unmatched security, prompt disbursements, and ease of use. 

Our advertising token can be traded using any cryptocurrencies in SaTT’s P2P platform. As we require neither deposits/withdrawals nor any extra charges for transactions, we have steadily become the preferred choice for many in the advertising industry. You can easily stock and transfer SaTT money to chosen contacts using our special wallet and can create campaigns, promote your brand or monetize your content across social media platforms seamlessly. 

Stay tuned for more information!

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