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Before introducing this new blog article, the entire SaTT team sends you its best wishes for success, happiness and health for this year 2021. 

May all your wishes come true!


During the AMA in November 2020, CEO Gauthier Bros insisted on this. Three of the keys that will lead SaTT on the road to success are: the team’s involvement in the work, transparency on our progress and above all, our community.

We therefore wanted to merge these different values ​​through weekly and monthly updates.

These interactions, widely acclaimed by the community, have been implemented on our various Telegram channels.
You can find all of our updates and / or development phases for the month of December through this article.

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SaTT platform:

Development phase:

  • Implementation of a new authentication and registration module
  • Translation of the FAQ
  • SaTT V2 platform: development of a more suitable version of the interface, new profile editor, new identification page and registration, integration of the header
  • SEO optimization
  • Oracles Twitter and YouTube: new testing phase
  • Reorganization of the code and GitHub commits of the entire team
  • Design improvement: wallet and campaigns
  • Compatibility between SaTTv and campaigns to minimize participation, creation, and transaction costs
  • New version of campaign thumbnails under deployment
  • Design improvements for the SaTT goodies store on Facebook Preproduction

Preproduction phase:

  • Migration from Angular.js to Angular
  • New version of the portfolio 
  • Make the platform and campaigns more ergonomic, accessible and intuitive.

Online test phase:

  • SaTT V2 platform test in progress: new “History” page, confirmation of sending Email
  • Test of centralized campaigns: reduce transaction costs (division of costs by 10) using SaTTv
  • Centralized campaigns: deployment phase and first tests in progress 


  • Update of the FAQ
  • Bug correction: creation of a campaign, recovery of campaign earnings, connection by email
  • Reorganization of the menu
  • Responsive design, improved ergonomics and accessibility
  • Facebook Oracles and Instagram: bug correction and improvement
  • Authentication: Addition of a complementary module 
  • Onboarding designBug 
  • fixes: “increase in the budget” campaign, display of the responsive mobile version, “Advertise your brand” statistics, display of campaigns, management and display of campaigns, process of participation and creation of a campaign
  • Migration of the backend on the new server
  • System design implemented place
  • Update of the “Tokenomics” part Layout
  • fixes (mobile and PC)
  • Correction of a bug following the “Campaigns” pre-production
  • Blog: security patch

Upcoming developments:

  • Launch of a new design of the dedicated site only for SaTTtoken



  • Update version 29 for Android 
  • Addition of the list of available crypto-currencies
  • Corrections for Android 10
  • Correction and resolution of bugs: notifications, Google connect, “My Profile” tab, balance update, list contacts, addition of contacts, estimate of transaction fees
  • Google Connect authentication available
  • API renewal (code optimization for better performance)


Development phase:

  • Design:correction, improvement of the decorations, the background.

Preproduction phase:

  • Illustrations in progress
  • Redesign of the interface 
  • Creation of icons for the current version
  • Finalization of the design of the new rocket
  • Menu background
  • Server configuration and deployment of the API
  • New economy

Online test phase:

  • Functionality tests: notifications 


  • Bug fixes: backend, pop-up, link redirection, corner glitch.
  • Addition of new features: missions
  • Graphics: visual retouch of the WatchAd pop up Minor
  • improvements made
  • Various bug fixes
  • Addition of notifications
  • Redesign of some old popup designs
  • Addition of new missions and new popups
  • Addition of influencers
  • New daily
  • reward system “Lambos” reward notifications 24h
  • Stabilization of the application
  • Bug correction: disappearance of statistics, update of scoring / ranking, sound cut, various design adjustments

Future developments:

  • Stable version of WhenMoon in preparation for future deployment Deployment
  • phase planned on Google Play
  • First version stable deployed on Android


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