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Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson and cryptocurrency

The name ‘Mike Tyson’ is known by people all over the world and belonging to all age groups. His name is at times the only reference people make to the game of Boxing.

This famous world heavyweight champion is no newbie to the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain, in fact like in the world of boxing championship, the field he dominated very well, cryptocurrency seems to be the next industry the world champion is aiming at dominating. 

Mike Tyson

Of all of the celebrities in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, Mike Tyson seems to be the most actively involved with his own projects, wallet and ATMs. Let’s take a brief look into the life of the famous former American boxer. 

Michael Gerard Tyson is an American former professional boxer who competed from 1985 to 2005, born June 30, 1966, with over 20yrs in the game, he has won numerous titles and championships. He also holds the record of the world youngest boxer to hold a world heavyweight title at age 20. 

Crowned world undisputed heavyweight champion from 1987-1990 while holding the WBA(world boxing association), WBC(world boxing champion), IBF(International boxing federation) simultaneously as well as being the only world heavyweight that has successfully held all of these titles at the same time. 

It’s not argued that the prowess of Mike Tyson is unmatched with any world boxer both now and in the past. It’s in this prowess that we now witness some noteworthy achievement of Mike Tyson on the cryptocurrency scene. 

Mike Tyson Bitcoin Atm Machine

Mike Tyson

In September 24 2015, Mike Tyson launched the first of the 100 branded Mike Tyson Bitcoin Atm Machine in Las Vegas making its debut at LINQ Hotel & Casino. The machine which promises to convert users’ Bitcoin to cash in less than 20 seconds was met with a lot of enthusiasm from fans all over the world. Former heavyweight champion expressed his excitement with the launch in his remark about blockchain being the future of technology and the way we do things. 

The Mike Tyson Bitcoin machine which promises consumers a convenient, secure, reputable, automated and economical method of purchasing bitcoin for cash, brought with it some very much needed implications necessary for global adoption and exposure. 

Real world application:

For the first time, consumers were aware of the fact that the Bitcoin cryptocurrency is not exclusive to the tech savvy community, that anyone could get involved and use the technology for exchange of goods and services with ease. 

Readily exchanged:

The other concern for Bitcoin in the early days was readily available medium of exchange into real cash. Bitcoin Atm Machine solves this unique problem by accepting cash for purchase of Bitcoin and availability of cash when consumers are willing to exchange for cash. 

Mike Tyson Bitcoin Wallet

Mike Tyson

Not stopping at the Mike Tyson Bitcoin Atm Machine, the fighter took it one step further by launching a new Mike Tyson Bitcoin wallet in collaboration with Bitcoin Direct, the company behind his ATM. Users can buy and store any cryptocurrency on the wallet as it is linked to Gildera exchange platform, a safe and secured system. 

The branded wallet which had the tattoo on the face of the fighter as its background design changed the game of wallet designs, the application was however targeted at the young population of the famous boxer fan base by appealing to their love for dark mode interactive UI/UX. 

Simplicity and Dark Mode:

In the era where there is the need for dark mode user interface by users, resulting in social media platform enabling dark mode design as an alternative to white mode, the Mike Tyson Wallet comes factory fitted with its smooth brilliant dark mode coupled with simplicity of operation, taking off the complexities associated with blockchain applications fueling mass adoption on a whole new scale. 

It’s the belief of Mike Tyson that the Bitcoin revolution is here to stay, leveling the playing field of money where anyone with the right leverage can create wealth for themselves without much limitation, forever ending poverty in their individual lives and family. It’s this belief that inspires The Baddest Man On The Planet (Mike Tyson) to become actively involved in the blockchain space churning projects. 

Coming at a time when the knowledge of the blockchain wasn’t so popular, the various cryptocurrency inclined moves by the former boxer e.g. launch of the Bitcoin Atm and wallet, is believed to have propelled some celebrities to get involved in cryptocurrency. 

Due to his prominence in the cryptocurrency space, some fraudulent blockchain based projects have attempted to scam the public by using the Mike Tyson brand, this comes as an eye opener for new users to carry out due diligence before engaging in any project especially when they are being promoted using well known celebrities that are actively involved in cryptocurrency. 


In the future we expect that there will be more active involvement of the one time heavyweight champion and possibly total domination, it wouldn’t come as a surprise anyways but it will serve an essential purpose, global adoption and awareness of the technology. 

Hope you enjoyed reading Mike Tyson’s journey with Cryptocurrency.  In case you would like to read our last article in this series on ‘Snoop Dogg’ feel free to read it here.

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