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How to participate in an advertising campaign on the SaTT platform

As you know, the SaTT solution is revolutionizing the online advertising market, particularly on social networks, thanks to blockchain technology and its smart-contract that allows advertisers to create campaigns to promote their company or product on social networks.

It is therefore possible for everyone to become an influencer and monetize your posts on social networks!

Are you talking about a project, a product on your social networks? Don’t do it for free anymore; let’s get paid with SaTT !

The SaTT smart-contract will automatically calculate the number of likes, retweets, views or shares based on your social network posts and you will be paid automatically & almost directly, without having to wait for weeks!

Let’s discover how it actually works

Step 1 : Login to your Wallet SaTT

Visit & log into your wallet

*If you don’t have a SaTT wallet yet, Sign up today by clicking on the Sign up button next to the Login and follow the instructions.

Step 2 :  Click on ‘Monetize your audience’

Select the ‘Monetize audience’ option from the left navigation panel of your SAAT portal.

Step 3 : Choose the campaign you would like to participate

We’ll take “SaTT Token Ad Campaign” as the example here. Scroll down a bit until you find the “SATT TOKEN AD CAMPAIGN” ‘and click on the  “Read +” button.

Step 4 : Submit your posts

Before submitting your post, you can refer to the details of the campaign. You’ll find more information about the project, the purpose of the campaign and the resources to help you develop new content for your posts such as blog posts, images or tips.

You can also find out how many SaTT tokens will be sent to you for each like, view, share on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube & Instagram.

Now, click  “Apply”!


Copy the URL of your post and paste it here:

*If you don’t know how to copy the URL of your post, check our article here

Enter your Authorization Request password that you had created when first setting up your SaTT account (You need to have at least 10ct of gas).

Step 5 : Wait until your post gets approved by the campaign team

To check the status of your post, click on ‘Sponsored Posts’ inside the SaTT portal to verify whether your post is still pending or has been approved.

Step 6 : Once your post has been approved, Collect your reward in SaTT!

*Note that you need at least 10-15ct of Ether to collect your reward, So don’t do it too often.  

Enter your Authorization code again and voilà ! You’ve got your SaTT right back in your Wallet.

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