I’m sure that you’d like to make your crypto gains as big as possible. That’s why we have thought about that and have implemented many methods for you to gain much more tokens. You wanna know more about them? Then carry on reading this article to discover 5 easy ways to expand your gains in a way you have never expected!

Refer friends

Thanks to our referral program, you can win 500 SaTT Token for each person that joins the SaTT wallet using your referral link. You can share this link anywhere, via social media or e-mail so that your friends register through it and make you earn 500 SaTT. You friend will get a 5% bonus and you will also earn 5% of their purchases for life! To learn more about our referral program, click here.

Invite friends on Facebook

You can also earn tokens through Facebook. By inviting your friends to like the SaTT Token Facebook page, screenshotting that and sending it to us, you can earn lots of tokens! The more friends you invite the more tokens you will get. To know more about the steps in detail, check out this article.

Win daily When Moon rewards

You have probably heard about our game “When Moon“. It’s a fun game where you skyrocket your favorite tokens to the moon. Each day, there’s a ranking made in the mobile game and there are three prizes for the first, second and third highest scores of that day. The prizes are respectively 1500, 1000 and 500 SaTT Tokens! You can play everyday and earn these prizes to earn more tokens! Download it on both the Play Store and the App Store.

Find a bug

On any of our platforms or apps, try to find a bug. Either on the mobile iHave.io Wallet, the SaTT Wallet or even 3xchange.io, if you can find a bug, just contact us and we will give you free tokens!

Find a YouTube campaign

In your SaTT Wallet dashboard, select the campaigns section the click on “publishers”. Then, select a campaign of your choice, apply to it and then make a video about it on YouTube. Once you have done that, you have to submit your video to check it and approve it. Now you can start earning tokens according to your stats! The best part is that you’ll earn these tokens thanks to a smart contract without a third party. To know about the detailed steps you should follow, check out this article.

Now you know how to gain thousands of tokens, so what are you waiting for? Follow these easy steps to make huge amounts of tokens easily!

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