The American billionaire, Scott Cook, once said, “In this day and age, with consumers communicating with each other on the subject of social media.It is a dynamic ecosystem where quality, honesty, transparency and real engagement with the audience is what endears has branded to its followers.

It also helps to make the entire shopping experience easier. Today, many sellers, not just big brands, are taking advantage of social media to create businesses. And Facebook, the preeminent social platform is being used for selling products. While some basic features of Facebook can be used to set up a small e-commerce business, to really power up your Facebook shop, you need the Atayen suite of apps.

Atayen’s I-frame app toolbox on Facebook is capable of increasing the effectiveness of digital marketing, with the help of a user-friendly graphical interface.

It could be used to gain visibility, engage with customers, get valuable insights into customer behavior and leverage opportunities. The app suite provides different types of customer engagement for Facebook. However, one of the most useful features for smaller merchants is the Store app . This app allows you to easily convert their website to a feature-rich e-commerce platform.

This easy to use application is fully customizable and allows complete control of the product with the help of the system, and options for the various nuances of an e-commerce platform.

The PayBySaTT Functionality

The Store App can be customized to accept payment in cryptocurrency. This feature helps both sellers and buyers to make business transactions using the SaTT token – the central cryptocurrency in the ecosystem.

  • For enabling the feature, the user just needs to login to the store app.
  • Go to the configuration option.
  • And simply select “enable PayBySaTT.”
  • Don’t forget to add your SaTT Wallet ID to receive payments in SaTT

This new functionality of the Store App is aimed at creating more flexibility for the users. This feature will allow sellers to list products in SaTT prices and buyers to buy those products with their SaTT tokens.

The seller can easily put a price on the products in SaTT.

  • Go to “Catalog” and select a product
  • Choose a price (say, 100 SaTT)
  • Save the product.

For the buyer,

  • The buyer visits the store
  • Chooses the product that he/she likes
  • Add the product in the cart
  • In the cart, select the option to pay by SaTT
  • Connect your SaTT Wallet (sync the SaTT wallet with Facebook through SaTT Connect)
  • And pay!

The PayBySaTT feature is a reflection of the company’s commitment towards greater utility for crypto assets. Utility, after all, is an end which the whole of the crypto world has been striving to achieve with varying levels of success. PayBySaTT on Facebook is a means to that very end, i.e., to create greater usability of the SaTT tokens.

This will eventually lead to mass adoption and transactions via the SaTT token. With greater adoption, the value of the token will increase, and the whole community will benefit as a result. Moreover, with the community’s growth, the quality of the products provided by the publishers on the network will improve eventually benefitting the advertisers.

To see the video of our CEO Gauthier Bros. explaining the process, follow this link .

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