The dimension of digital currency is no doubt revolutionary. Yet its nature is quite volatile due to the fact that cryptocurrency can not be assessed in a manner similar to that of traditional currency.

To maintain some semblance and dissipate this volatility that surrounds cryptocurrency, increase the adoption of crypto assets. Their value is generally as high as possible to the US dollar (or any other regular currency) as possible and is backed up by legitimate sources. This gives a stable value against fiat currency.

Although there is a lot of things in the world, with the latest options emerging on a frequent basis, some of the most popular and dependable choices are listed here.


Tether USDT , which was started in 2015 by Tether Limited, is undeniably the most influential stablecoin in the market. It was originally designed to always match the value of $ 1. Although recently it has been somewhat controversial due to the lack of auditing, it is still one of the most popular stablecoins in the cryptocurrency market. The market cap value for Tether is 2,086,530,370 USD currently.


Dai was launched in December 2017 after much anticipation. The ecosystem is created in such a way that it solves the pain points of Tether and other such stablecoins. Regardless of the number of Dai in circulation, the price always stays near constant (equal to that of one US Dollar). Unlike Tether, it is a completely decentralized coin backed by ETH reserves. The marketcap of Dai is over $95 million.

Gemini Dollar

Gemini Dollar GUSD was developed by two US-based investors, the Winklevoss brothers, Cameron and Tyler. The Gemini dollar is circulated and issued by the State Street Bank and Trust Company. This Ethereum network-based is speedy and transparent and hence the go-to choice for many. The market cap for Gemini dollar is currently 66,602,732 USD.


Paxos (PAX) is a new digital stablecoin in the race which is exceedingly gaining popularity with cryptocurrency dealers and investors. PAX made headlines when it exceeded transaction volumes worth $ 5 billion in the first three months after its launch. Many notable cryptocurrency exchange platforms, such as Binance , have begun to use PAX as a base currency. The market cap of Paxos is at 107,357,889 USD currently.

USD Coin

USD Coin is the stablecoin provided by Coinbase which is one of the biggest crypto exchange platforms in America. Ethereum supports the token for this stablecoin. It is collaboratively designed by Coinbase and Circle, making it a standard competitor in the market from the very start. Its interface is user-friendly, and the tokens can easily be stored in Ethereum-based wallets. The market cap of USDC stands at 260,946,490 USD.


Stablecoins have an internal process complemented with external market forces to keep their values ​​as close to the US Dollar as possible. Stablecoins provide traders and crypto exchange with a fiat-like currency that is within the crypto world and provides the benefits of a fiat currency. Exchange services providing financial services with financial transactions.

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