Warm greetings to the SaTT community!

First of all, let us know that you have been instrumental in navigating through the crypto winter. “ALTHOUGH the markets-have-been bearish at best, we-have not stopped Developing and staying committed to our roadmap. We are extremely proud and proud to say today, we are Among the top projects is ICOBench. We now-have a comprehensive crypto-based applications, we have provided the ability to store, pay, sell, buy, trade and advertise on YouTube with SaTT, which will be followed by Instagram, FaceBook, and many more.

We are in the process of signing up and we are approaching many crypto companies. We are confident that we will see you soon. With SaTT, we have created an advertising currency and we can not help but wonder what the industry will look like  in a few years ago SaTT appeared.

We are being approached by many funds and ICOs. We have had to adapt to the market conditions. Here are some of our new developments.

Re-launched the website

Our website is clearer, crisper and cleaner. It contains enough information for the reader to understand our concept.

Check it out at https://www.satt-token.com

Whitepaper has been updated

The new whitepaper gets the color scheme of the current site. It contains more illustrations, is simpler to understand and also presents our latest work.

Smart Contract V2

We have updated the tokenomics. Now the SaTT will be worth $ 0.0042. It had to be less than 1 cent, however, the hardcap remains unchanged at $ 84M, which is reasonable and leaves much room for big profits. The amount is huge according to the pool of experts, pools and crypto funds.

The new smart contract for the SaTT benefits from the latest optimizations of Solidity 0.5, it permits gas savings due to the Constantinople fork. The token is also better referenced on Etherscan, all transactions and balances are indexed instantly. There is now protection for accidental transfers of tokens to other smart contracts that would not be able to manage them. All the wallet of the wallet (with x100 conversion, of course) plus 10% added bonus for your patience and support.

Our new goal – the IEO!

Things are moving swiftly in the cryptoverse. We could not have launched our ICO at a worst time. After an exceptional 2017, 2018 was the year of distrust, overpriced projects and regulatory uncertainty. However, Team Atayen is a team that we have decided to focus on. We created,

  •       Our wallet
  •       The decentralized exchange
  •       The wallet login API
  •       The PayBySaTT functionality
  •       The interface for creating and participating in campaigns
  •       The SaTT smartcontract and the first oracles (YouTube usable)

The new mode, or rather the logical evolution of the ICO, is the IEO, to run the crowdsale directly on an exchange. We have planned to run an IEO and are confident of our ability to be successful by a wide community of backers.

To this end we have reached the threshold for the IEO, once our softcap has been reached.

We are extremely thankful to the entire SaTT community for being strong and motivating and inspiring us to continue working towards our vision even during hard times. However, we believe that we are in the process of becoming more and more effective. .

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