Earn Rewards on the SaTT Wallet – The Nextgen Crypto Wallet

The crypto craze is consuming the world. People around the world are realizing the immense potential of this novel asset class. The euphoria is palpable. And all with good reason. Cryptocurrencies offer flexibility, anonymity, freedom from financial intermediaries (read, banks) and complete control over one’s funds.
A great way to pay, earn and spend.

At the center of all crypto transactions lies the digital wallet which can hold all your crypto assets. But to protect your crypto assets, not only do you need an absolutely secure wallet, but also the flexibility to hold multiple coins and tokens. And this is where the SaTT Wallet differentiates itself from the rest.

The SaTT cryptocurrency wallet is a safe, secure and swift way to hold all your ERC20 tokens and send them to anyone, anywhere.
Built on cutting-edge technology, it integrates some amazing features that makes it extremely user-friendly and very safe. And while the technology part is taken care of, it also gives you the added, and exciting benefits, to earn some cool rewards just to use it!
Surprised? Well, let us explain how.

We have created a Referral Program for all SaTT Wallet users. Through this program, you get rewarded to spread the good word about our cool Wallet to your friends. And they, too, in turn, can earn rewards for spreading the word to their network. Now how cool is that?

Let us explain how this amazing Referral Program works and how much you stand to earn.

  1. Register for the SaTT Wallet

    If you wish, you can register with your email or simply create an account with your existing Telegram, Google or Facebook credentials.

  2. Once in, you will be asked to create your wallet security password.

  3. After logging in, you will see your Dashboard.

    On the left hand side, you will see the “Referral” page link.
    When you click on it, you will be taken to your personal Referral page that will have all details like your earnings, number of referrals and your very own referral link.

  4. The referral link can be easily copied and shared via social networks, or can be sent to your network of friends and acquaintances through email.

  5. Now, here’s the fun part.

    When you send someone your referral link and that person clicks on it and registers for the wallet, you get 20 SaTT tokens.
    Isn’t that awesome? So, just because you introduced your friend to the amazing SaTT Wallet, and your friend registered on it, we will give you 20 SaTT tokens.

    The SaTT Wallet also allows the user to buy more SaTT tokens.
    When your friend buys tokens, you get a cool 5% commission from all sales and what’s more, your friend pockets a 5% bonus.
    This means a win-win for both!

All your accumulated commission and referrals are visible on your personal Referral Page. This includes – name, 1st payment date, amount and commission. This helps you keep track of your referrals and commissions.

At any time, if you encounter a problem, you can post your query on the Support Page. We are always there to help you get the most from your SaTT Wallet.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go and get your SaTT Wallet today and stand a chance to earn SaTT tokens from free! Remember, SaTT is creating an ecosystem for advertising and marketing that is all set to disrupt the status quo. And at the center of this disruption is the SaTT token. So go and get your hands on as many SaTT tokens as you can, along with having in your possession a state-of-the-art digital wallet that will keep all your cryptocurrencies safe and secure.

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