Brands spend millions of dollars to attract the attention of potential customers. Once customers have been attracted, the next step is to keep them loyal and make them come back for more. At Atayen, we know what it takes to hold the fickle attention of customers in this digitally-charged age.

Atayen Inc. is a company that specializes in providing custom-made apps for various brands. We are not only experienced in designing apps but also have been tracking their relevance and upgrading them to make sure they are up to the minute.

Our thoughtfully created projects will encompass the entire digital marketing and customer loyalty and retention lifecycle for brands. We have our fingers firmly on the pulse of the market as we continue to create innovative marketing tactics for brands all over the world. Apart from a comprehensive suite of apps built to help your business take off to a crypto-powered digital advertising platform to cutting-edge crypto wallet to a holistic ICO platform to a state-of-the-art cryptocurrency exchange, we have created products that are at the forefront of the crypto and marketing revolutions. It is with all the interconnection between these services that we have been able to stand out among our peers and competitors.


Atayen’s brand, Iframe apps is responsible for creating various apps for diverse companies that can be used to boost different aspects of a business. The solutions provided by our apps range from mass emails, newsletter services, statistical analysis of traffic and traffic management. They allow solutions to your customer service problems and even help you manage your online shopping portal.

They also include various options for the management of your social media accounts apart from providing numerous customized services for exporting and importing data from multiple platforms.

All these apps can be used in various combinations to boost the quality of your business and can help make a huge difference to your company’s online presence and image.

Digital Currency-Related Services

  • SaTT token — SaTT stands for Smart Advertising Transaction Token. This token gives access to a competitive digital advertising environment to the advertisers and publishers. The SaTT is a utility token that allows exchange of advertising and audience payment. Using the SaTT Smart Contract, an advertiser can easily create advertising campaigns whose conditions for participation and results will be stored on the blockchain. These ads will be searchable via dedicated APIs. This means tampering with results will be difficult.
  • My ICO — My ICO is an integrated platform to help companies successfully run their ICOs. We help with all aspects of an ICO — token creation, wallet integration, multicurrency acceptance, KYC management. With Basic, Pro and Expert suite of services, you have the option of choosing the option that best suits your ICO goals and see your ICO skyrocket.
  • W4llet — W4llet is a cryptocurrency wallet with cutting edge features that help storing a variety of crypto assets safely and securely. Built on a highly secure architecture, it features state-of-the-art security features to protect your digital assets from unscrupulous actors. It also utilizes a user-friendly interface for ease of use.
  • 3xchange3xchange is an efficient peer to peer exchange for cryptocurrencies. It allows integration with wallets and high levels of interoperability. The best part about this exchange is its ease of use. No sign up is required, and no deposits or withdrawals are necessary for using the service. Additionally, it has an off-chain order book. And most importantly it does not have any operating fees.

Games — When Moon is a crypto token (SaTT) based game, available for Android and iOS where the players can invest their tokens and multiply them. This game allows cryptonauts to expand their holdings. The largest token holders become whales. The game operates when the users skyrocket their tokens and get rewards in the form of lambos.


Atayen is all set to uniquely change the digital experience of brands through the deep industry insights of its founders who have been in the digital advertising industry since more than seven years. Taking this expertise and experience a step further they have now created a holistic crypto ecosystem that will transform the crypto landscape and help utilize the potential of the disruptive blockchain technology.

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