White paper

The white paper has outlined the problem plaguing the advertising industry and outlined possible solutions as use cases. The benefits of using blockchain have been well established and also a necessity with their solution. The white paper has a clear goal of tackling the problems in a structured manner but lacks specifics about future business development (core-focus). The white paper almost has all the details for investors to make an informed decision.


The core team is competent, experienced and diverse along with a small advisory board covering for the ICO and post ICO events.


The tokenomics is easy to understand including the reasonable use of funds which has been broken down for more clarity. The tokens have vesting periods and also the remaining unsold tokens would be burnt, post-ICO. The only potential red flags are a very high discount to early investors (100% bonus & 50% bonus) with no vesting period. So, as soon as the tokens hit the exchanges early investors can make a killing off the retail investors by selling it cheaper than the price of retail investors purchase price.

Business Model

The business model requires partnerships and collaborations which has been clearly highlighted. They already have a running business with a million users. A big positive for any project. The commissions charged on using the tokens in the environment will the system self-sustainable. But they have failed to highlight any other modes of benefit for investors besides the strong network effect and demand rising the token price high.

MVP/ DApp/ Working Product

They already have a MVP.

This project can be considered as a “reverse ICO”. They have business and revenue worth 500,000 US$ and plan to expand further using the token sale proceedings. The idea is a great with a capable team and good business but high bonuses in early stage and a lack of advantage for investors (besides waiting for the ecosystem to grow) makes it a project with long-term benefits rather than one with a short-term gain.

Thank you, Krishnendu Chatterjee, for our first expert review.


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