The beginning…

ATAYEN, Inc is an American company specializing in developing applications for dedicated for business pages on Facebook and other social networks.

Facebook application developers since 2008, Gauthier Bros and Stephanie Clement founded ATAYEN, Inc. in 2014 to further develop the marketing application technology they invented to improve business pages on Facebook.

ATAYEN, Inc.’s Iframe suite of apps allows customers to establish an effective communication hub using simple tools.

Iframe suite of apps by Atayen, INC.


 Iframe Apps

Inserts any internet content (HTML, website …) into a Facebook page.


 Contact Form

Adds a customizable contact form to a Facebook page and automates responses.


Automatic Newsletter

Generates newsletters automatically from Facebook page news feeds and sends them to its contact list.


Store App

Creates or imports custom stores into a Facebook page for online sales.



Provides a registration form for Facebook pages to facilitate customer contact and communication (emails, phone…).


Coupons App

Create custom Facebook or communities.


 Add a Link

Drive traffic to any site on the Worldwide Web from Facebook. 


Only for likers

Adds custom links that redirect users to specific pages.


Sharing Tools

Allows customization of the appearance of shares on social networks while providing performance statistics (clicks).



Insert a FAQ in your page.


And now the challenge of revolutionizing advertising via Blockchain


We decided to provide a service to make the interaction of online marketing tools more transparent (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat…).

Until now, this was all done by humans in agencies. They hold the cards. The opportunity was obvious: create a secure index of advertising offers!

While searching for the best solution, we realized blockchain would be perfect for our needs.

It is a decentralized and distributed database that guarantees the integrity of data and transactions.

We will use it hold the data securely and verify payment once the terms of a contract are fulfilled.

This allows us to offer a powerful and reliable tool to the development community to take care of advertiser/publisher relationships.



The SaTT is a «token utility» based on blockchain technology that allows the exchange of advertising and audience payment.

SaTT is regulated by a Smart Contract which lists advertising offers with all data held securely in the Ethereum blockchain.

The Smart Contract sets the conditions for participation in campaigns, quantifies the success, and guarantees the final remuneration.


The Ethereum blockchain is fast, inexpensive, safe and versatile allowing distribution of rewards on the internet traffic market more equitable by removing all the constraints induced by centralized intermediaries.


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